Sunday, September 5, 2010

User Experience (UX) Tips (Confirmation Messages)

Confirmation messages is one of the basics to have a better UX for your application, while you are designing your confirmation messages many things should be taken into consideration so let’s list them.


  1. Message position: place your message in a place that is visible to any user and I do recommend to put it at the top of your page, so you will find it after the page refreshes.
  2. Message color: this is very important to distinguish between the success and error messages, so set the color of the message to be Green for success and Red for error.
  3. Message icon: having an icon that describe the content of the message is so important, for example you can set the icon for the error messages to be X (cross).
  4. Message content: be sure that your message’s content describes correctly the action has been done whether it’s an error message or a success message.
  5. Be sure to display messages after any action from the user, this will make him feel more comfortable with your application and will make him believe that the application is responding correctly to his actions.

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